Volume 3, Special Issue: The Impact of Migration of Sudanese University Professors on Eco-nomic Development in Sudan, an Analytical Study (2008-2012)


Dr. Mutaz Yousif Ahmed Abuagla


Migration, Sudanese, Professors, Economic Development


This study aims to A study of the phenomenon of Sudanese university professors’ migration abroad and its impact on economic development through an analytical study that is carried out in an accurate scientific, The importance of this study comes in that the emigration of university professors abroad has become a significant and continuous increase from year to year, which prevents development in the country, and therefore this study and its results are expected to be useful for economic decision-makers in most countries, the study followed the approach Descriptive and analytical historical, and the most important results of the study are the migration of university professors, negatively affecting the economic development in Sudan, and low wages is one of the reasons for the migration of university professors.


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